Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Days!!!

Well, some days make you question your sanity!  
I had some soft music playing in the background and the little fish were working on a sheet of putting in missing numbers.  I was walking around observing and well someone needed some one on one.  I squatted down beside them and we started counting, you get the picture. Well I heard someone snicker so I stood up to see what was going on and I see her neighbor with his glue bottle, the lid off, it was turned upside down and glue dripping out.  

Yep there it is.  I calmly sent him to refocus and walked away.  I am sure there was steam coming out of my ears.  Why or why?  The joys of Kindergarten, but I promise I wouldn't want to do anything else.  

Well a couple of days ago I posted Pirate Pals.  I gave you a sneak peak last week.  The little fish loved it!  I heard one fish humming our pirate chant as they were working today.  I couldn't help but smile. Here are a few pictures.  I am the worse at taking pictures.  This is all I could find.  I always get wrapped up in what they are doing and forget to snap away.
Ten frames.  I was out of black play-dough so I used brown instead.  I think black play-dough would look like cannon balls.

We had read several pirate books.  Their favorite being "How I Became A Pirate" by Melinda Long.  We also read some non-fiction books about pirates, being very careful of what was read aloud ;)

We used our circle map to create this tree map.  I use a colored coded method.  We write three things under each verb: can, have, are. We then circle can with red and choose one of the three things that pirates can do. Have in yellow, and are in blue in the same fashion.  They then make sentences on lined paper and think they have written the best story EVER!  I have them hanging in the hall with their pirate pictures.  But guess what? NO PICTURE on the camera!  Ugh!  This is our forth writing like this in three weeks. They are doing so much better.  We are working on spacing, starting a sentence with capital letters, and adding punctuation.  I throw these in between Writers Workshop that I model after Deanna Jump.  

Soooo.....Pirate Pals is now on TPT.  I hope y'all enjoy it!

Hey keep swimming out there!

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