Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am going to try to make it a goal to blog at least once a week.  I am amazed at how others seem to do this once a day.  This week was eventful.  Read Me Week always is :)

Monday was Cat in the Hat day.  My little fish made cats that we hung out in the hall.  They were so proud.  And YES I should have a picture.  I will get the hang of this I promise.  I am still amazed at how my ESL hang on every word of each book I read.  They are so excited to learn.  I love watching their faces.  They all just beamed at this book.

Tuesday was Fox in Socks day.  And yes we wore crazy socks.  Mrs. Brown, a retired teacher from our school, came to read to my class today.  The kids loved her.  I found myself lost in her deep southern accent as she read :)  She brought her Franklin puppet and read us the story Franklin Fibs among some others.  Thank you so much Mrs. Brown for sharing with us.

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday of course.  The fish came to school with their kids all backwards and mismatched.  They laughed about it all day.  I was testing for ELDA and a sub was there, but I popped in several times to not miss the fun.  Mrs. Dillehay came and read to the little fish today.  So glad to have such wonderful volunteers.

Thursday was My Many Colored Days.  I had Cindi Lauper sing to them the book.  It was a video, not the real one :)  We all wore our favorite colors that day.  Mine was ORANGE!!!!!

Friday was Green Eggs and Ham day.  I had a meeting all morning and finished ELDA in the afternoon.  My lunch consisted of a meeting with a parent for a child that needs to be retained.  My student teacher also started that day.  To say the least I was kept busy.  Oh and my best friend was subbing for me.  What a day with snow flurries flying and the kids well were very excited.  Imagine that!

Next week more Dr. Seuss, The Cat and The Hat Comes Back, If I Ran the Zoo, and The Lorax.  Then a comparison of the stories with The Nashville Library bringing the Puppet Truck to us on Thursday to do Many Moons.  The fish are so excited.  The first visit from the puppet truck was back in the fall.  They ask me every day when they are coming back.  The Puppet Truck will launch the Space Unit.  Can't wait.

And I promise pictures of next week.
A Flip Flop Kindergarten
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