Sunday, December 8, 2013

Under Construction!!!

Well as you can see, I am under construction.  I am trying my best to do this blog thing myself.  It has not been a fun weekend.  But I am making enough mistakes that when I figure this out I will be able to help anyone else, hehe.  Oh well.  This is the idea of the new look, minus the cute boarder.  Keep watching to see the changes.  I just had to stop writing and try a different download a friend helped me with on the background.  I was having trouble with the boarders.  And he did it!!!!  Thank you Jeff!

Ok, now to school stuff.  Where was Sam on Friday?   He got busy and made some marshmallow snowmen to share with the class.  They were so excited!  I know C asked me 4 times if he could take one home at the end of the day, hehe.

Isn't he cute!

We have been working so hard in our math journals.  I want to thank Deedee Wills for her wonderful product.  If you haven't found them please have a look.  Here is her December one.
Click on the picture to link to her store.

Can you believe it, I remembered to snap a couple of pictures.  Here are some of the little fish working hard.

Here are 3 examples.  I am pretty sure the lollipop one was from her October or November Journal.  Yes, I know, the Christmas tree is sideways, but I changed it twice and if it wasn't sideways the other way.  Just tilt your head and pretend this crazy blogger knows what she is doing, hehe.  Anyway, I thing you can tell how well they are doing.  Thank you Deedee Wills for your awe inspiration!

Don't for get to check out Mrs.Wills Kindergarten blog

Off to finish printing gingerbread centers and then chase after a kid to volleyball.  Y'all keep swimming out there!

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