Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcoming Sam!

He is here.  Oh, the little fish are so excited!!!  Our elf came straight from the North Pole on Monday.  Our sweet librarian brought him.  

The box was so cold!  You wouldn't believe their faces :)

Look we have our own elf!!!

Each night the elf goes back and tells Santa if you were naughty or nice.

She read the book to us and I swear they never blinked.  Thank you Mrs. C. for coming to share with us and helping the magic begin!  We sat the box up high for our new elf to watch what was going on.  Then we made a list of names and voted.  Our little elf is named Sam.  I never imagined they would be this excited.  I would see them walk by and just stare at him.  Some would whisper, "Hi, Sam."  All of them had to go by and tell him goodbye.

Well the next day they rushed in to see where he was.  No taking our time at breakfast or anything.  Here is where he was the first day...

Just look at Sam!  He got into the chocolate kisses.  They are smeared all over his mouth and paper everywhere.  The little fish giggled all day about it.  We made a word bank and I let the littles write about their elf.  Here is how it went.

My elf is in my basket and he is eat chocolate. (and yes that is a period...)

His nam is Sam
My elf is sit in the basket with... (she was still writing)

I see a sam

My Elf is in a basket he eat chocolate and he fly came in the mail

We have been working on capitalizing the fist word in a sentence, spacing, and punctuation.  As you see, some have the spacing, some have periods, and most are capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.  Not to bad for a couple of weeks.  Two of those students are EL.  

Yesterday when Sam came back from the North Pole he thought his name needed to be on the word wall.  There he sits all proud with Santa right under it.

Today Sam put snow, all the way from the North Pole, on the window and gave us a greeting.  They loved that Sam used his magic!  (thank you Dollar Tree for the snow!)

Ok now for some school related stuff, hehe.  Just look at this!  J is an EL learner in the beginning stage.  Pink is what he knew at the beginning of the year, red is at the end of the first nine weeks, and green was today.  I am so proud of him.  He was swimming today when he saw!

And look at his sounds!  I am so proud of him.

Wow that was a lot of elf.  I got behind, image that me...but I wanted to show you all that we have been doing.  And YES I got out the camera this week and will be sharing some of our math journals with you next. Of course some elf fun too.  Until then, keep swimming out there!

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