Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spring Declared

Yep you read that right.  I declare it is still spring.  So if Mother Nature can have spring like weather in July then we should get another month off to enjoy it.  What do y'all think?  Aww come on, if we all have the same mind set it will spread to those that make our schedules, don't you think?  It is like that Peter Pan  theory, I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies, I do believe in Spring......I think it is working, keep chanting...

It has been a rainy day again here in Middle Tennessee.  I have been sitting here on Old Hickory Lake watching the water rise and wondering how the ducks and geese survive this.  They are out there swimming and quacking like they love it.  Oh to be a duck, hehe!

Or in this case, a goose!  A view off my front porch, don't you love it!

Well as I sat watching the rain fall on the water, I was looking at my to do list and one of things not completed, out of many, was to make new I can statements for my literacy stations.  So I sat down and whipped this up this morning and am offering it as a freebie on TPT so come and get it here!

Stay dry out there and just keep swimming :)

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