Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hey Y'all!

It has been a week since I have been here.  I took some time off and enjoyed the boat before I had to come back to reality.  Band camp started for my daughter this week so I am back in Music City.  I have been to my room everyday this week so far and am planning on being there the rest of the week.  Kindergarten Orientation is Monday and I am doing the parent part IN MY ROOM.  So I hope to have it up and ready by then.  Well mostly, I hope...(I am really dreaming aren't I?)

Well on another note, I saw this on Pinterest and just had to do it.
I was waiting until they were cheap before school started.  Now I have new puzzle pouches.  Love them!
And the colors... perfect for my room!

I have so enjoyed not having to move rooms this year.  I moved 5 years in a row before this, all in the same school, but still...I feel so much more organized and I can find things.  I also had a wonderful student teacher last year and I got to organize some stuff while she was there.  It so makes a difference!

I put together my writing center this week.  Here is a preview.  All that is left is the paper and writing instruments.  Can't wait to see what the little fish can create!

I started putting up my calendar support today.  Pictures to come tomorrow.  I have to do some more cutting out of the laminating.  Now that is never ending.  

Now that I have some actual pictures of my room maybe I can blog more.  I don't know how y'all did this all summer.  I need to be more creative.  

Oh, I almost forgot, I put a new product on TPT.  It is the Blue Green Calendar and Morning Meeting Support Packet.  I have a preview, come check it out :)  It matches the labels and I Can statements I have.

Have a great evening and just keep swimming!

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