Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I told myself I would do better with this over the summer, is nearly half over and nothing.  I have traveled to my brother's house in North Carolina to help.  They have four children, 7, 6, 3, and 1.  A very busy place.  But that is not the end of it.  They are due to have twins any day.  So my daughter and I hopped in the car and came to help.  I hope I am helping, sometimes I just look around and think wow and smile.  I really love my nephews and niece.  Their energy is amazing.

Here is my daughter and the three boys.

Here is my sweet niece.

And here are the other 3, lol.  The golden is my baby and the Great Dane and German Hound are my brother's family pets.  Like four kids weren't enough, haha!

Did I mention, the three older ones were boys and the youngest is a girl.  The twins on the way are girls.  So three big brothers, and three little sisters.  A lot different than my quiet house with a 21 year old and a 15 year old.  But I am really loving getting to spend some time with them.

Well as you can guess with four young-ens running around I haven't had much time to create.  I have about 10 ideas written in the idea book and have a couple of them started.   One of the things I promised myself I would concentrate on this summer is "I'm finished now what?"  So I have tried to do it in pictures.  The little fish come to me in the fall lost and have no idea.  Half of them are EL learners and that makes it even more difficult.  I can play around with Spanish as they giggle at me, but Arabic....totally lost. it is.  I created it for my classroom and it might not mean a thing to you but it might give you some ideas of what you could do.  

As you can see some of these ideas are for quiet things to be done around the room and some of them are to be done at their seat.  The goal is to keep them quietly engaged in a meaningful activity while I am working one on one with those that need help.

1. Write the Word Wall-TLW take their journal and go and write the words on the words wall.  These will change through out the year so it will be relevant all year long.
2. Do a puzzle at your seat.-At the beginning of the year the puzzles they choose are board puzzles, but as the year progresses more difficult puzzles are added.  I know you are thinking puzzles?  Yes, puzzles, they help a young learner with problem solving, such as visualizing and planning.
3. Read a magazine at your seat.  Our school district has purchased National Geographic for Kids for all EL students.  I have been teaching several years now and have an abundance of these in different themes.  All kids love them.  Another way to get print into their hands that is fun.
4. Flannel board activities-I have alphabet, upper and lower case letters, and numbers and objects.  This is a quiet activity that lets them touch and feel the letters and numbers.
5. Magnet activities-Again I have alphabet, upper and lower case letters, and numbers and objects.  Just another way for them to experience and explore what they are learning.
6. Write in my journal-This is their time to write what ever they want.  Of course we will have been doing Deedee Wills/Deanna Jump's Writers Workshop.  It is amazing how much they take and run with, even just a few weeks into school.
7. White board writing-Yes, you guessed it!  Another way to explore letters, numbers, and words around them.
8. Read a book on the carpet-I do limit this to two students during this time to keep it under control.  They may choose from any book in the library to cuddle up with a stuffed buddy and read.
9. Write all the letters and words that you know.  TLW do this in their journal.  It is fun to see them flip back to other pages they have  already done to do this activity!
10. Early finisher's tub-I have several books and dry erase activities they can grab here to practice writing, reading and math skills.  Things I have picked up over the years and just keep adding to it.

Here is the link to get it free on TPT!

So there you go.  Just some ideas of how to keep them engaged for that 5 or 10 minutes needed.  These areas will be used mostly in the morning after their morning work is completed.  I have students staggering in from breakfast for a half an hour.  Those that get there first in the mornings needed some more structure.  So we will see.  I will let you know how it is playing out.  Please if you have ideas that you do, I would love to hear them. 

Just keep swimming out there!

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