Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Saturday!!!

It is a beautiful day here in Music City after a calm rainy night.  I know, I know, I haven't been here forever, and here is why...
The 5 foot 11 inch freshman Volleyball queen.
Who also plays Sax in the band.

So if any of you are a band mom or a mother of an athlete, just imagine doing all this at the same time with honors and AP classes.  We are barely alive.  But it seems today I have a couple of hours so I am blogging, yep you heard me right.

So here is what has been going on in A Flip Flop Kindergarten!  I have a fantastic group of 19 kids. Smarting than the average fish.  We have been busy learning how to navigate centers which have included Literacy Centers Station, Reading Station, Writing Station, Listening Station, Computer Station, Pocket Chart Station, Magnet Station, and Working With Words Station.  We have been working up to 20 minutes of whispering and staying in our area.  So far so good.  Next week they will experience the queen fish wearing her crown, hehe!  That is when I wear my crown at the guided reading table and no can bother me unless there is BLOOD OR FIRE!  And YES it works.  Wish me luck :)

I am loving using Deanna Jumps Writing Through the Year!!!  

The kids are loving it too.  They love getting to choose what they are writing about, but some how the big fish teacher got them to write about things that begin with M, and nouns and verbs, and characters and settings.  It must be magic, hehe!  Here is a look at some of their work. They are working so hard.

Well my evaluation for this semester is Monday.  It seems like the year just started.  I can't believe I am already having to think about this, but oh well.  It will be done and over with.  I created a lesson on Fall Positioning Words.  So you know I had to create something to go with it.   I made the cutest book and power point with graphics from Melonheadz.  I really like what she does.  Check it out. Click on the picture below for a link to my TPT store.

Fall Positioning Words Book

 I have already sold some this week without even telling anyone they are out there.  That really made me smile. So here is the power point I  did to introduce the lesson.  Click on the picture below for a link to my TPT store. 

I hope you enjoy it.  And don't forget to say a little prayer on Monday about 12:30 CST.  

Have fun out there and keep swimming!!!

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